First Premier Financial Loves Teachers!

First Premier Financial and Best Car Buys are working with 95.7 The Party to honor great teachers in our community. Click here to find out details and learn how you can nominate your favorite teacher today.
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Financing Autos in Denver, CO

Do you need a car? Do you have bad credit, or no credit? Have you been turned down for a vehicle because of your credit history? If you answered yes to any or all of these questions then you need to come see us. At First Premier Financial we provide financing for Colorado’s #1 Buy Here Pay Here auto dealers, Best Car Buys LTD. We work with them to provide financing for people who needs cars, but who may not have the credit score to get one some where else. When others say no, we say yes. We’re committed to giving everyone a chance to get a a great car and start rebuilding their credit with manageable payments. Click here to check out Best Car Buys and find out how you can get a quality used vehicle with a down payment as low as 99 cents!
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More Gift Card Winners!

This weeks winners of Wal-Mart gift cards are Liselle Rivera, Amador Rodriguez, Rosita Delgado Salazar, Nathan Allan Vaskin, and Nydia Isabel Elias! If you don’t see your name, it’s not too late to win. Get in here today and get out on the road in a great car!
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This Week’s Winners!

Congratulations to the weeks Walmart gift card winners! Darwing Aquino, Jeannine Easterling, Lewis Jenkins Fredrick, Victor Muro*Beleche, and Irmene Savage Tareva.
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Happy Birthday Colorado!

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Back To School Special, Win $500!!!

Come in today and get financing for a quality used vehicle and be entered to win up to $500!
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  • CreditScore
    The Importance of Credit The Importance of Credit

    The Importance of Credit

The Importance of Credit

Your credit report, also known as your credit history, is a financial report card. This report has details about you financial activity for the last 7-10 years, detailing both your current credit and what your credit has been like in the past. Creditors can use this information to determine whether or not to lend you money and how much interest you will have to pay.  Having a higher score means lenders will be willing to give you bigger loans. Having a higher credit score also means you will pay less interest on your loan. A person with a credit score of 550, who borrows the same amount of money as someone with a score of 750, will pay considerably more money back in the long run because of the higher interest rate for the person with the lower score.   When viewed this way it is obvious why having a good credit score can be crucial for your financial future. There are many factors that affect your credit score. We are not a credit rebuilding agency, but we can help you establish history of payments on our manageable loans that will reflect positively on your credit history and help you start to establish a high credit score.
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  • NewWebsite
    Our new website is up Our new website is up

    Our new website is up

Our new website is up

We’re happy to say that our new website is up and running. More content and media will be uploaded soon. Feel free to let us know what you think or recommend any changes.
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